Allauras Auction - Phygital NFT: All For One - Ely Eira x That Kid CG x Chris Christodoulou for Tim Bergling Foundation

Allauras Auction - Phygital NFT: All For One - Ely Eira x That Kid CG x Chris Christodoulou for Tim Bergling Foundation

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Ely Eira, a newly found mysterious artist project out of Scandinavia is following-up on her successful debut “This Is The Beginning”—which has already been used by prominent studios such as HBO, FOX, and MTV— with a full-fledged NFT campaign around her second single release “All For One” ft. That Kid CG
The song is an inspirational ode to people fighting for each-other, and finding commonality with one another in an increasingly divided time in which people are physically and mentally being pulled apart more-and-more. 
The digital side of the NFT includes ownership of a token to an IPFS minted 1/1 audio visualizer for the song, as well as a custom printed poster of the “All For One” single art illustrated by the talented visual artist Chris Christodoulou (Fear Street, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Little Mermaid). 
This specific NFT drop on Allauras includes an interactive component in which people can anonymously share their own mental health journeys, setbacks, and triumphs through a virtual portal on the NFT page housed on Allauras. By providing a cloak of autonomy, Ely Eira and That Kid CG hope the portal will bring an honest and open dialogue to the importance of mental health today, and create a supportive online community through the song and NFT. 
In addition to the interactive mental health submission portal, the NFT will donate 30% of the “All For One” NFT proceeds going to the Tim Bergling Foundation, which was founded after Tim “Avicii” Bergling died by suicide in 2018, after his own mental health and personal battles with depression, anxiety, and addiction.

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30% will be donated to the Tim Bergling Foundation

This is a Phygital NFT. Music Video (Digital Art) and a Physical Poster (Physical Art) signed by the band.

This NFT is minted on InterPlanetary File System via the VeChain Blockchain and is hosted in the Real Items wallet.

The winning bidder receives a QR code with a PIN that lets you claim ownership by simply scanning the QR code, entering your PIN and your email address; all through the Real Items web app. Read more about how selling NFTs through Shopify is possible here:

The buyer/owner of this NFT has no claim on the underlying audio or visual elements contained in this NFT. Position Music, Ely Eira, That Kid CG and Chris Christodoulou are the sole owners of all copyrighted material used in this NFT. Thank you for your understanding.

The poster will be shipped out in 7 business days.